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AdministrationManage OrganizationAllows users to manage organizational level details
 Manage DashboardAllows users to manage organizational level dashboards
 Manage User and Group SecurityAllows users to set security
 Manage Organization ReportsAllows users to manage organizational level reports
 Edit Organization Pick ListsAllows users to manage organizational level pick lists
 Manage EA ConnectionsAllows users to manage EA connections
 Manage Defect TrackerAllows users to manage Defect Trackers
 Manage Modules and Plug-insAllows users to manage Modules & Plug-Ins
ResourcesExportAllows users to Export Data From Enterprise Tester
 ImportAllows users to Import Data Into Enterprise Tester
 External LinksAllows users to manage External Project Links
 Duette Schedules*Allows users to manage Duetter import schedules
ProjectManage Project DashboardAllows users to manage project level dashboards
 Manage Project ReportsAllows users to manage organizational level reports
 Edit Project Pick ListsAllows users to edit pick lists
Reports Allows users to create and run reports
Test ManagementManage RequirementsAllows users to manage requirements
 Manage ExecutionAllows users to organize test execution sets
 Manage ScriptsAllows users to create, update and manage scripts and automated tests* (move, copy, create folders)
 Assign TestersAllows user to assign scripts to a tester
 Execute TestsAllows users to execute tests
 ViewAllows users to view scripts

* The Duette Schedules permission is only visible when These features require the Duette plugin is to be installed.

Viewing User Permissions