Enterprise Tester supports four authentication methods:

In addition, you can configure multiple authentication methods and set the priority of the configured methods. This means that if the primary authentication method fails, the secondary method is automatically employed, then the third and fourth. For example, if you have configured the following authentication methods in the following order:

  1. LDAP
  2. Machine Source
  3. Enterprise Tester Database

If a user cannot be authenticated against LDAP (the primary authentication mode in our example), authentication will automatically be attempted against the next method in the priority list (Machine Source). If the secondary method fails, the third method will use used and so on until the user is successfully authenticated or all methods have been exhausted.

To access the authentication configuration screens you will require application administration permissions to Enterprise Tester. Navigate to the Admin tab on the tree view navigator. Expand the Configuration folder and double click on Authentication.

Here you can configure new authentication methods or update existing ones. You can also arrange the priority of the configured methods as well as test your configured methods.

By default, Enterprise Tester uses the Enterprise Tester Database as the authentication method.  This method does not require configuration.  

Currently the database method cannot be removed or disabled. 

Adding Methods

  • To add a method, click the ‘Add’ button then enter a name for the connection (Note: Currently editing of the connection name after creation is not supported) and select the method type.
  • Once you click ‘OK’, the list of methods will refresh to include the new method.
  • After creation the method is disabled, you must first configure the method, and then enable it, before it will be used.
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