Dashboards can be established to display summary information at any level within Enterprise Tester.

Creating Dashboards

  1. Select Dashboards from the toolbar or Dashboards option on the User Profile MenuManage Dashboards grid is displayed.
  2. Click Add from the toolbar.
  3. Enter the Dashboard Name.
  4. Share your dashboard if required.  In the View Only field, select the users and/ or groups you wish to provide access.

  5. Click Save to create your new dashboard.


Only owners can edit dashboard information. Once the dashboard is shared then any user can then take Ownership of it.


Adding to your Dashboard

Once the dashboard is created, gadgets can be dropped onto the dashboard and moved around as required.

  1. Access available gadgets by clicking the double arrow on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

  2. Drag the required gadget onto your dashboard. 

  3.  When a blue zone is displayed, release the gadget to drop it on the screen.


See details on specific dashboard graphs here:


Portlet Output and Printing

For all portlets except the "Report Chart"  you can create JPEG or PNG output, create Print output   or export the entire dashboard to a pdf file.

 (warning) You must have internet access for the outputs to render.

  1. Click the hamburger (three horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner on the chart.
  2. Select one of the following options - Print, JPEG or PNG.

Export dashboard to PDF file:

Click on the  button on any of the portlets. This will export all gadgets on the Dashboard.



Enterprise Tester Gadget listing


Activity Streams

Allows events to be posted to the dashboard

Actual vs EstimatedDisplays the actual versus estimated duration for script execution
Bar GraphDisplays a graph from underlying saved search/query criteria
Burndown ChartDisplays the actual versus estimated work remaining over time

Dashboard Links 

Allows fast access to other dashboards

Est vs Remaining TimeDisplays the estimated versus remaining duration for script execution
Execution Script StatusDisplays execution status from underlying saved search/query criteria
Gauge ChartDisplays a chart from underlying saved search/query criteria
Getting StartedLinks to getting started tasks
Grouped Bar GraphDisplays a graph from underlying saved search/query criteria
Incident NumbersDisplays a graph of Incident Numbers over time
Incident RateDisplays a graph of Incident Rate over time
Incident StatusDisplays a graph of Incident Statuses

My Notes 

Allows you to add plain-text notes to the Dashboard

Pie ChartDisplays a chart from underlying saved search/query criteria

Remote Content 

Allows the display of content from a URL page

Report Chart Classic Reports - displays charts form any of the configured reports
Requirement StatusDisplays a graph of Requirement Status

Rich Text

Allows editable content using a rich text editor

Tests Completed

Displays a graph of Tests Completed

Total Scripts Run

Displays a graph of Total Scripts Run

Two Series Bar Graph

Displays a graph from underlying saved search/query criteria

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