Upgrades & Compatibility

Important Upgrade Information

1) Always upgrade your DEV/TEST Environment before PROD to verify your upgrade process.

2) If you are using Enterprise Tester 5.0 or below, you must first upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 5.1 , then upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 6.0.

  • Once you have successfully upgraded to Enterprise Tester version 6.0 you can then upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Tester. 

3) Enterprise Tester 6.1 and above requires .NET framework 4.6.

4) Always check external system compatibility below before upgrades.

(warning) Latest Version (6.2) specific upgrade information

Multi Level Cascade Select custom field values between Enterprise Tester and JIRA must be remapped. This is due to an improvement in identifying all relevant fields for mapping.


Upgrade Types


External System Compatibility

Before upgrading please verify compatibility with external systems.

Catch Software ProductCompatible VersionIntegrationCompatible Version
Enterprise Tester5.x to 6.0JIRA6.x
Enterprise Tester6.1 +JIRA7.0+
Enterprise Tester6.1 +Confluence5.8, 5.9
Enterprise Tester6.1 +TFS2010
Enterprise Tester6.1 +Rally 
Enterprise Tester6.1 +Enterprise Architect11, 12



Custom results using XSLT data (custom XML to J-Unit)
Microsoft MS Test
Parasoft C+++test

DuetteAllRational Functional Tester8.1, 8.2
DuetteAllQuick Test Pro10, 11
DuetteAllSelenium HTML SuiteHTML Suite
Rover1.1See Enterprise Tester Integration-
Compiler Suite


See Enterprise Tester Integration-