Enterprise Tester has powerful search features, allowing you to:

  • Search across single or multiple types of entity simultaneously.
  • Filter your data to find the information you need.
  • Summarise the information for analysis.
  • Save queries for future use.
  • Graph the results of saved queries and place them onto dashboards within the application.

Enterprise Tester provides a feature-rich user interface that allows you to put together common queries without needing to write queries by hand, this functionality is available via the "Search" tab.

For advanced scenarios you can also write custom queries using the powerful Testing Query Language (TQL), which is accessed via the "Query" tab.

And finally, once you have finished building your query, you can save it for future use via the "Manage" tab.

For more information on how to write TQL please see the TQL topic in help, or refer to the Enterprise Tester user guide.

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