Important Upgrade Information

1) Always upgrade your DEV/TEST Environment before PROD to verify your upgrade process. 

2) If you are using Enterprise Tester 4.10 or below, you must upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 5.1 in the first instance, then upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 6.0, then upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 6.2.1. You can then upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Tester. 

3) Enterprise Tester 6.1 and above requires .NET framework 4.6. 

4) Always check external system compatibility before upgrades.

Enterprise Tester, by default, is installed in your C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory, alongside any other programs you have installed.  The folder can be configured to reside on a different drive if you should choose; throughout this document we refer to this folder using the word %ProgramFiles% to avoid confusion.

Manual Upgrade (Bin Zip Installer)

Manual upgrades require you to be aware of framework upgrades, please refer to the Important Upgrade information at the top of this page.

To upgrade Enterprise Tester manually perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Enterprise Tester installation files from Download Centre

  2. Back Up the following elements of your existing Enterprise Tester installation:

    • Enterprise Tester Database 
      • For downloaded trial users this can typically be found in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Data
    • Enterprise Tester File Structure
      • Typically located in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\

If you wish to be a little more selective with the backup, the following files and folders should be included

  • Logging.config & Web.config Files
    Typically located in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Web
  •  Attachments
    Typically located in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Data\Attachments\ 
  • Avatars
    Typically located in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Data\Avatars\ 
  • Optional: Indexes
    Typically located in %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Data\Indexes\
    If you do not back this up and need to roll back the upgrade you will need to perform a full reindex of the ET instance

   3. Extract the files from the downloaded file and copy all of the contents from the "\Web\ folder EXCLUDING
       the following:

    • \App_Data\ folder
    • Web.config file
    • Logging.config file

   4. Navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Web folder and delete the existing folders of the same
       names as those copied above

   5. Paste in the content copied in Step 3, choose to overwrite any files when prompted.

   6. Using the command line navigate to the %ProgramFiles%\Catch Limited\Enterprise Tester\Web\Bin\ folder and run
       "Postinstalltasks.exe ziprelease".  Administrator permissions may be required.

   7. Make sure the identity that runs Enterprise Tester (as seen in the IIS application pool configured during installation)
        still has write permissions to the "\data" and "\web\app_data\" directories.

   8. Restart IIS

   9. Start Enterprise Tester. Enterprise Tester may take a few minutes to start up as any necessary database schema changes are made.

If Enterprise Tester does not start you may need to remove the System.Data.SQLite.dll in the Web\Bin folder.

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