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Field: Project


Project identifies the project an entity belongs to and is useful for defining the scope of your query.


Restrict results to a single project "Test Project":

Project = "Test Project" AND EntityType = Script

Restrict results to two projects:

Project IN ["Product Project", "Master Project"]

Restrict results to all projects within the project category "Sandbox":

Project IN ProjectCategory("Sandbox")

Supported Operators

=, IN, !=, NOT IN, IS, IS NOT

Supported Indexes

Entity, Package, Relationship, Run

Supported Types

  • AgileRun
  • AutomatedTest
  • AutomatedTestAssignment
  • AutomatedTestRun
  • Incident
  • Requirement
  • RequirementPackage
  • ScriptRun
  • TestExecutionPackage
  • TestScript
  • TestScriptAssignment
  • TestScriptPackage

Supported Features

AggregationYes (String)

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