Function: GreaterThanOrEqual


GreaterThanOrEqual(<FieldName|Function>, <Value|Function>)


The GreaterThanOrEqual function allows you to compare the value of a field or function to a fixed value, another field or a function.

It will return true if the first parameter is greater than or equal in value to the second parameter.


Average duration of scripts with 10 or more steps:

Faceted GreaterThanOrEqual(ScriptStepCount,10) { Average(EstimatedDuration) } WHERE EntityType = Script

EstimatedDuration is greater than or equal to 10 minutes:

Faceted GreaterThanOrEqual(EstimatedDuration, '10 minutes') { COUNT } WHERE EntityType = Script

Script assignments where the last run has an actual duration that is equal to or greater to the estimated duration for the associated script:

Faceted GreaterThanOrEqual(ActualDuration, Field(EstimatedDuration)) { COUNT } WHERE EntityType = ScriptAssignment

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