Resource: Widgets ( /api/project/{projectId}/widgets )

Retrieve widget information required to create a new entity within a project

This resource supports the following methods: GET



Retrieves widget information required to construct a create screen for an entity within a project.

Supported Expansions

  • Incident
  • Requirement
  • TestScript
  • AgileRun
  • ScriptRun

For more details on expansions, please see the Expand help topic.

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service. In addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

200 - OKReturned if the request was completed successfully.
404 - NotFoundReturned if project does not exist.

Example - Get widgets for Requirement entity type

Retrieves metadata about the visual widgets which are required to create a new instance of a Requirement entity for a specific project.

Request Headers


Request Parameters

$expandRequirementEntity Type (s) to retrieve metadata for - don't include an expand to retrieve the widgets for all available entity types.

Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/json; charset=utf-8

Response Body

  "ProjectId": "efe4193e-9cbd-467c-b747-a25e0128524b",
  "ProjectName": "New Project",
  "Requirement": {
    "EntityType": "Requirement",
    "Widgets": [
        "FieldCategory": "intrinsic",
        "Name": "Number",
        "Label": "#",
        "WidgetType": "Number",
        "ImplementationType": "EnterpriseTester.Core.Fields.IntrinsicFields.IntrinsicNumber",
        "HandlerType": "Number",
        "ValueType": "Date",
        "Required": false,
        "TabIndex": 100,
        "FormName": "requirement.Number"
        "MinLength": 1,
        "MaxLength": 1024,
        "MaxLengthText": "Field must be between 1 and 1024 characters long",
        "MinLengthText": "Field must be between 1 and 1024 characters long",
        "FieldCategory": "intrinsic",
        "Name": "Name",
        "Label": "Story Title",
        "WidgetType": "Text",
        "ImplementationType": "EnterpriseTester.Core.Fields.IntrinsicFields.IntrinsicText",
        "HandlerType": "Text",
        "ValueType": "String",
        "Required": true,
        "TabIndex": 101,
        "FormName": "requirement.Name"
        "Value": null,
        "Options": [
            "Identifier": "98a38ad7-80cc-409c-9f62-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "In Progress"
            "Identifier": "ebf216ed-064e-4715-8398-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "Review Pending"
            "Identifier": "2d561b8a-f1e0-49a9-b10d-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "Approved"
            "Identifier": "21b5f0cc-eb83-4c5b-aeff-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "Requires Rework"
            "Identifier": "52c0168c-fe44-460a-9094-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "Rejected"
            "Identifier": "f21ed762-b66a-4b39-8423-a25e01285255",
            "Text": "On Hold"
            "Identifier": "4ce14131-7e75-45ee-b197-a262009c8a05",
            "Text": "To Do"
        "FieldCategory": "intrinsic",
        "Name": "Status",
        "Label": "Status",
        "WidgetType": "ComboBox",
        "ImplementationType": "EnterpriseTester.Core.Fields.IntrinsicFields.RequirementStatusCombo",
        "HandlerType": "RequirementStatusCombo",
        "ValueType": "String",
        "Required": true,
        "TabIndex": 102,
        "FormName": "requirement.Status.Id"

Status Code

200 - OK

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