Enterprise Tester’s Testing Query Language (TQL) puts the power of information in your hands. TQL provides you with an advanced query tool so that you can design your own summaries and reports to get down to the data that is most important to you.

TQL is a powerful query language that allows you to construct queries that filter on in-built and custom fields within Enterprise Tester, and also allows for grouping and summarising information available in Enterprise Tester as well.

TQL is composed of:

Getting Started With TQL

To open the Search screen either enter text into the quick search field or click on the magnifying glass to the right of the quick search field.

The Search screen provides three options, Simple, Advanced and Custom fields allowing you to specify your exact search criteria.

You don’t need to manually write your entire query from start to finish to reap the benefits of TQL. You can start by using the simple, advanced or custom search options and start building your query. All the criteria that you select from these screens will start building your query in the Query tab.

If you need to add more complex criteria that is not included in the simple, advanced or custom search screens you can switch to the Query tab and continue to edit your query manually.

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