JIRA 5+ (BETA) Plugin

Beta Feature

 This feature is still in BETA and we advise that this feature is not released for production use.

Enterprise Tester is introducing the JIRA 5+ (BETA) plugin with V4.7 to leverage the features of the JIRA REST API for customers using JIRA 5.2 and above.  This change will enhance the way Enterprise Tester works with JIRA and provide users with an even better experience all round.  

The ET - JIRA integration was one on the original features of Enterprise Tester introduced all the way back in 2009 and we have been making improvements to it ever since. Currently, Enterprise Tester integrated with JIRA using a combination of the SOAP RPC API and the REST API for some features including Remote Links, the Issue Collector and adding events to the JIRA Activity Stream.

Some of the benefits that you are going to experience with the JIRA 5+plugin include:

  • Support for synchronizing JIRA subtasks for Requirements/User Stories
  • Enhanced support for transitioning to the correct workflow status (The REST API will allow ET to read the available transition metadata for an issue).
  • Support for synchronizing large numbers of issues/requirements between ET and JIRA.

This change will allow us to continue to add more features and provide and even deeper integration with JIRA. The JIRA 5+plugin will officially be released in V4.8.  On release a migration utility will be provided to allow users to easily migrate to the new plugin without losing any of their configurations.

Not on JIRA 5.2 or above?  

Don't worry the current JIRA plugin will still be available but we will no longer be adding features to the current JIRA Integration plugin after the JIRA 5+ plugin is released.  You'll still be able to use all the great features you have now.

How do I test drive the plugin?

To add a connection to an External System:

  • Open the ‘Admin’ tab of the tree view navigator.



  • Click on Extensions and double click External Systems on the navigator. To add a new external system using the new plugin, select the "JIRA 5+ (BETA)" type:

Once you have set up your external system, all you need to do is configure your project link.  Please see the help topic Synchronizing Incident (JIRA)  and Synchronizing Requirements with JIRA (JIRA) .

If you want to synchronize activities to JIRA using one of the external system configurations using the JIRA 5+ plugin, then you need to also add an activity stream of type "JIRA 5+ (BETA)" as well:


You can disable the plugin if you don't want to make to make it available.  To disable the plugin, from the Admin Tab, expand Extension and double click on Plugins

From the Plugin screen, find the JIRA 5+ plugin.  Select the plugin and Disabled from the tool bar.