In a terminal clause, the value is the text following the operator:

<Field> <operator> <Value/Values/SubSelect>

A value can be on the following types:

  • A single "Value".
  • Multiple Values, specified within square brackets [A,B..N].
  • A sub-select, specified within curly braces { A=B AND C=D .. }.

Individual values can be enclosed within single or double quotes, or if they are a single word or number, then you can leave the quotes off altogether.


In addition, wherever a quoted/unquoted value may appear, you can also use a function, functions can be identified by the fact that they end with a set of Parentheses () containing 0 or more values (arguments).

An example of function is this common query:

EntityType = ScriptAssignment AND AssignedTo = CurrentUser()

In this case "CurrentUser" is a function within TQL that returns the currently logged in user. See here for a list of all functions.


Single quoted value:

Name ~ 'login bug'

Double quoted value:

Name ~ "login bug"

Unquoted value:

Name ~ bug

Exact match:

Name ~ "'login bug'"

List of unquoted values:

Priority IN [High,Medium,Low]

List of mixed values:

Status IN [Open, Closed, 'Re Opened']

List of mixed values including function call:

Editor IN [UserA, 'Joe Blogs', ProjectManager('Project X')]
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