Resource: Temporary Attachment Set Attachment ( /api/temporaryattachmentset/{setId}/attachment/{id} )

Allows management of a single attachment in a temporary attachment set.

This resource supports the following methods: DELETE



Deletes an attachment from the temporary attachment set identified by its unique identifier.

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service. In addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

200 - OKReturned if the request is completed successfully.
404 - NotFoundReturned if the attachment or set does not exist.

Example - DELETE

Deleting a temporary attachment with the Id: 4B54572F-DCC4-41AF-AE8B-1E5E03908C70 belonging to set: CEBD34B4-FD38-4662-9EB9-AEC473CFE9C0

Request Parameters

{id}4B54572F-DCC4-41AF-AE8B-1E5E03908C70GUID Identifier of attachment to delete
{setId}CEBD34B4-FD38-4662-9EB9-AEC473CFE9C0GUID Identifier of temporary attachmet set the attachment belongs to

Status Code

200 - OK

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