Using Fiddler for capturing traffic between Enterprise Tester and 3rd party applications


Before you start, (warning) Important Notes:

-       It is best to do this outside of working hours as it can disrupt / halt traffic between Enterprise Tester and the external system.

-       After changing the web.config file as directed in the steps below please be aware that NOT having Fiddler turned on will mean traffic between the two applications will stop. You must comment out or delete the lines added in the instructions below when you are finished.


  1. Download "Fiddler for .NET 4" from here: 

  2. Install Fiddler on the Enterprise Tester Application Server.

  3. Start Fiddler.

  4. Enable "Decrypt HTTPS traffic", you will be prompted to install/trust a local self-signed certificate, you must do this for SSL decryption to work correctly.  
    To do this navigate to Fiddler Options from the Tools menu.  
    Then from the HTTPS tab select Decrypt HTTPS traffic.

  5. Start a Fiddler Capture.

  6. Add a new section your Enterprise Tester installations web.config file - place the fragment just before the closing </configuration> tag at the bottom of the web.config file.

    The fragment should look like this:
        <proxy autoDetect="false" bypassonlocal="false" proxyaddress="http://localhost:8888" usesystemdefault="false" />

  7. Initiate a sync between Enterprise Tester and the third party application and leave it running until you capture the necessary data. 
    All the requests between Enterprise Tester and the application will be captured.

    Note: Sometimes you can see the data is not being captured, in this case please stop and then restart the capture within Fiddler.
  8. Now stop the capture and select to save all sessions as a .SAZ file. 
  9. Email this file through to us.
  10. To stop the traffic redirect, comment out or remove the fragment added to the web.config file in Step 6.  
    Save your web.config file.


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