Geckoboard is an online dashboard product that lets you monitor company-related information in real time.

The following Enterprise Tester portlets are available to be displayed in Geckoboard:

  • Execution Status
  • Burndown Chart
  • Total Scripts Run
  • Estimated versus Remaining Time
  • Pie Chart

(warning) Your instance of Enterprise Tester must be web accessible to be integrated with Geckoboard.

Connecting to Geckoboard

To connect Enterprise Tester portlets to a Geckoboard dashboard:

  1. Create a dashboard in Enterprise Tester containing any of the above supported portlets (see Creating Dashboards).
  2. When a portlet is created, click the Pin in the top right hand corner of the portlet. 

  3. In the pop up, select the Geckoboard tab and click the Share button
  4. Click copy to clipboard

  5. Log into Geckoboard and create a blank dashboard
  6. Click the Add Widget button 
  7. Select Custom Widgets
  8. Scroll Down and select a Highcharts Chart

  9. Edit the Title and Size fields as required
  10. In the URL data feed field paste the URL copied from the Enterprise Tester portlet in step 4.
  11. Click Add Widget


You will now see your Enterprise Tester portlet added to the Geckoboard dashboard.  

You can add multiple Enterprise Tester portlets to each Geckoboard dashboard. 


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