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Resource: Automated Test Type ( /api/automatedtesttype/{name} )

Automated test type resource

This resource supports the following methods: GET



Retrieves automated test type by its name.

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service. In addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

200 - OKReturned if request completed successfully.
404 - NotFoundReturned if the automated test type does not exist.

Example - Example - Get automated test type

Example of retrieving an automated test type by its name.

Request Headers


Request Parameters

{name}UnitTestThe name of the automated test type to retrieve

Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/json; charset=utf-8

Response Body

  "Name": "UnitTest",
  "FriendlyName": "Unit Test Results",
  "Types": [
      "Name": "NUnit",
      "FriendlyName": "NUnit"
      "Name": "JUnit",
      "FriendlyName": "JUnit"
  "Self": "http://localhost/api/automatedtesttype/unittest"

Status Code

200 - OK

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