Integrate Automated Test Tools with Enterprise Tester

Duette is a plugin for Enterprise Tester that enables your users to import and view test results from automated test tools. With support three major automated tools; Rational Functional TesterQuick Test Professional and Selenium, Duette users get unparalleled visibility into test status and progress without ever leaving Enterprise Tester.



  • Import automated test results from folders and .zip files.
  • View the results of automated tests, including screen shots and test data.
  • Track overall progress across both automated and manual tests.
  • Import results from Rational Functional Tester, QuickTest Professional and Selenium.
  • New! Scheduled import of automated test results.
  • New! Status filters and notes for automated results.

Note: Duette requires current licenses for both Duette and Enterprise Tester to create new automated tests, automated test assignments or import new runs. However, if your Duette license expires, you will still be able to view, move, and rename previously imported automated tests.

User Guide

For further details on Duette and it's features, please see the user guide.

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