There are a number of configurable features that allow you to personalize Enterprise Tester including, adding an avatar to your user profile, configuring your notification settings, selecting the location of the navigator and configuring your personal dashboard.


My Profile

My profile stores your personal details in Enterprise Tester as well as allowing you to change your password. To update your profile:

  1. Select My Profile from the User menu under the username on the top right hand side.
  2. You can update your email and name details.
  3. Add an avatar.
  4. You can update your password by:
    1. Entering the current password into Current Password field.
    2. Entering the new password into the New Password field.
    3. Entering the new password in the Confirm Password field.
  5. You can also select to dock the tree navigator to the left by clicking the ‘Dock Tree To Left’ checkbox.
  6. You can also select your default setting for test execution – multi-step for single step.  The default setting for all new users is multi-step execution.
  7. Enterprise Tester supports both Tray notifications and Email Notifications. Users can enable or disable either or both of these types of notifications.  You can also specify the project and types of events to be notified on.

    These configurations apply to both tray and email notifications. In addition to enabling email notifications on this screen, your system administrator will need to configure an email server.

  8. Click on ‘Save’ to update details.

In Tray Notifications

Enterprise Tester supports in tray notifications.  You can configure your notification settings on the ‘My Profile’ Screen as described in the previous section. You can access your notifications by clicking on the notification icon next to your user name in the right corner or the screen.  The number shown is the number of unread notifications. This number is updated every 15 seconds.

The notifications list has a number of features to easily and quickly view event notifications:

  1. Entity Icon for easy recognition of the entity type;
  2. User name of the person who made the change; and
  3. A hyperlink the entity so you can easily view the change.

By default, the limit on the number of notifications on screen is 100. This number can be configured by your system administrator.  Please refer to the Administration Guide for more detail.

Customize your View

You can customize the layout and information that is shown for most of the screens in Enterprise Tester.

Changing Fields Displayed

Enterprise Tester has a default layout for each screen showing selected fields. You can change add or remove fields as required by clicking on the column button on the toolbar. By moving the field position you can specify the column order on the grid.  The screens also support configuring custom fields to your view.


Changing Column Order

You can do this by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the desired location.

Changing Sort Orders

The column sort order can be specified by either dragging and dropping columns into position or the sort order can be specified on the column configuration screen.

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