User permissions can be granted at the application level (user and group) or at the project level.

Permissions are granted in a hierarchical manner, permissions granted at the application level will take precedence over all other permissions assigned at the project level. If restricted access to some projects is required, then permissions should be granted at the project level.

Assigning Application Wide Permissions

Application level permissions are granted at the user and group level. To assign users or groups application wide permissions, you will need to have the Manage User and Group Security permission. Follow these steps to assign permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. Double Click on either the Users folder or the Groups folder.
  3. Find and edit the user or group you want to add permissions to.
  4. Click on the Permissions tab.
  5. Here you can select to assign the permissions to grant to the user or group. 
  6. Click Save to apply the permissions.

Assigning Project Only Permissions

To grant permissions to a group or user for a specific project only, you must first assign the user or group to the project and then assign the relevant permissions.

Note that if the user has been granted greater permissions at the application level then these will take precedence.

To grant project permissions, firstly assign the user or group to the project:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. Expand the Organisations folder and sub folders to display your project.
  3. Double click on the project.
  4. Use the Assign Users or Assign Groups tabs to add Users and Groups to this project.

Now apply Project Only permissions to the User or Group:

  1. On the navigator tree, click on the arrow beside your project, this will reveal the Users and Groups folders under the project.
  2. Click the arrow beside the Users or Groups folder, this will reveal the Users or Groups assigned to the project.
  3. In this area Double click the User or Group you need to apply Project Permissions to.
  4. Edit the permissions tab that appears.
  5. Click Save to apply the permissions.

Available Permissions

There are multiple permissions provided in Enterprise Tester that can be used to control access to various application functionality.

These categories can be expanded or collapsed as required by clicking on the + or- icon next to the name. Selecting any of these categories automatically selects all the permission they contain.


The available permissions are defined in the table below:

Test ManagementManage RequirementsViewAllows users to view Requirements
  EditAllows users to create and edit Requirements and Requirement Packages
  DeleteAllows users to delete Requirements
 Manage ScriptsViewAllows users to view Test Scripts
  EditAllows users to create and edit Test Scripts and Test Script Packages
  DeleteAllows users to delete Test Scripts
 Manage ExecutionsViewAllows users to view Test Execution data
  EditAllows users to create and edit Script Assignments and Test Execution Packages
  DeleteAllows users to delete Script Assignments
  Execute Only My TestsAllows users to only execute tests that are assigned to them
  Execute All TestsAllows users to execute any tests
  Assign TestersAllows user to assign Test Executions to a tester 
 Manage IncidentsViewAllows users to view Incidents
  EditAllows users to create and edit Incidents
  DeleteAllows users to delete Incidents
Resources ImportAllows users to Import Data from CSV files into Enterprise Tester
  ExportAllows users to Export Data to CSV files from Enterprise Tester
  External LinksAllows users to manage External Project Links
  Duette Schedules*Allows users to manage Duette import schedules
Project Manage ProjectsAllows users to create and edit projects via the Admin tab
  Delete ProjectsAllows users to delete projects
  Edit Project Pick ListsAllows users to edit project pick lists
  Manage Project ReportsAllows users to manage project reports via the reports tab
  Manage BaselinesAllows user to manage baselines
  Synchronize External LinkAllows user to run synchronization for external links
Reports  Allows users to create personal reports and view project reports
AdministrationOrganizationManage OrganizationAllows users to manage organizational level details
  Edit Organization Pick ListsAllows users to manage organizational level pick lists
  Manage Organization ReportsAllows users to manage organizational level reports
  Manage User and Group SecurityAllows users to manage users and set security
  Manage EA ConnectionAllows users to manage EA connections
  Manage Defect TrackerAllows users to manage Defect Trackers
  Manage Modules and PluginsAllows users to manage Modules & Plugins

* Requires the Duette plugin to be installed.

Viewing User Permissions

You can see a summary of all the permissions granted at the application level and at the project level for any user.

To access the permissions summary screen:

  1. Click on the Admin tab.
  2. Double Click on the Users folder.
  3. Edit the user you wish to review permissions for.
  4. Click on the Assigned Permissions tab for that user.




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