Adding Manual Test Scripts

You can then add test scripts by creating them directly in ET, converting an ET requirement into a test script,  by importing existing scripts from a CSV file or directly from Enterprise Architect Use Cases.

To add a test script:

  1. Right click a package and select Add Test Script 

    or select the Add Script icon at the top of the tree view

    Or select Create Script from the grid tool bar

    The Script Details screen will appear.
  2. By default the following fields are available. This may differ from what you see on screen depending on whether your project administrator has added custom fields or configured some of these default fields to be hidden. 




Script number  (this may be automatically generated or your administrator may have set this field to read only)


A short name for the test script


Select from the pick list


Select from the pick list


Select from the pick list


A description of the test script


The objective of the test


Any conditions that must exist before the test script can be run


Any conditions that should result once the test script has completed


Notes related to the test script

Est. Duration

An estimate of how long the script should take to run                


Click Save to save changes.

This action effectively saves a high level test script, next you will need to add steps to the test script.