Fiddler is a debugging proxy that can be useful when troubleshooting integration issues. Fiddler can be used to capture traffic between ET and 3rd party applications ( JIRA, Rally, TFS) or between ET and your web browser.

Before you Begin

In order to complete the configuration to use Fiddler, you will require Administrator access to the ET server as you will need to update the ET web.config file.


Using Fiddler

Fiddler is used to capture HTTP web traffic between ET and 3rd party applications. This can be useful to identify the invalid XML being returned from the external system ( e.g. JIRA) server. Sometimes this information is useful in finding the root cause of a synchronization issue.

Download and install fiddler2 from or you can use fiddlercap which is a little bit easier to use. The download page includes a useful step-by-step guide describing how to use it.
Once you have fiddler2/fiddlercap installed on the ET server you need to:
  • Start fiddler
  • Enable "Decrypt HTTPS traffic".  You will be prompted to install/trust a local self-signed certificate. You must do this for SSL decryption to work correctly.  To do this, select Fiddler Options from the Tools menu.  Then from the HTTPS tab select Decrypt HTTPS traffic:


  • Start Capture.  Navigate to File>Capture Traffic (F12)
  • Navigate to the web.config file. Add a new section your Enterprise Tester installations web.config file. Place the fragment just before the closing </configuration> tag at the bottom of the web.config file. The fragment should look like this:


 <proxy autoDetect="false" bypassonlocal="false" proxyaddress="http://localhost:8888" usesystemdefault="false" />


Then initiate a synchronization using either SOAP or REST and leave it running until the process fails, all the requests between ET and JIRA will be captured.
You can then export these requests to a .SAZ file (zip file of all the requests effectively) which can then be emailed to the Catch Support team.
Once you have completed capturing the traffic between ET and the external system, you must comment out the above entry when you finish capturing via fiddler.



If you are using Fiddler to capture traffic between ET and JIRA, and your instance of JIRA is on the same machine as ET, then you will need to change your JIRA base URL from local host to your computer name ( e.g. localhost:8080 to SERVER123:8080).
To do this you need to go to the GeneralConfiguration section in JIRA to update the base URL.  You should then be able to successfully capture traffic between ET and JIRA.
  • It is best to do this outside of working hours as it can disrupt / halt traffic between ET and an external system.
  • Changing the web.config file to include the above entry and NOT having Fiddler turned on will mean traffic between the two systems will stop.