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Resource: Synchronizer Schedule Run ( /api/synchronizer/{linkId}/schedule/{id}/run )

Represents a run of a schedule for a synchornizer

This resource supports the following methods: POST



Trigger (Start) the schedule synchronizing immediately

Required Permissions

  • Resources/ExternalLinks

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service. In addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

202 - AcceptedReturned if the schedule was triggered.
403 - ForbiddenReturned if the user does not have permission to add a new schedule.

Example - Initiate synchronization immediately for a schedule

Update the schedule configuration

Request Headers


Request Parameters

{linkId}91c059b3-f0d8-4507-9d02-b80aa3df50f2ID of the ExternalSystemLink representing the synchronizer the schedule belongs to
{id}bbd69b4e-4cfe-435d-8a5d-634a3cc11732ID of the schedule

Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/json; charset=utf-8

Status Code

202 - Accepted

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