Resource: Automated Test Schedule Schedule Configuration Run ( /api/automatedtestschedule/{scheduleId}/schedule/{scheduleConfigId}/run )

A resource you can POST to for initiating a run of a specific schedule configuration associated with an Automated Test Schedule (Duette Schedule).

This resource supports the following methods: POST



Trigger the schedule to immediately start importing results.

Required Permissions

  • Resources/ExternalLinks

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service - in addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

202 - AcceptedReturned if the schedule was triggered.
403 - ForbiddenReturned if the user does not have permission to add a new schedule.

Example - Initiate import immediately for a schedule

Update the schedule configuration

Request Headers


Request Parameters

{scheduleId}91c059b3-f0d8-4507-9d02-b80aa3df50f2ID of the ExternalSystemLink representing the synchronizer the schedule belongs to
{scheduleConfigId}bbd69b4e-4cfe-435d-8a5d-634a3cc11732ID of the schedule

Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/json; charset=utf-8

Status Code

202 - Accepted

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