Update Script Statuses

Update Script Statuses

This command only processes the entities specified in the 'selections' parameter

Parameter Description
action.Status The status to update the script to (supported statuses are 'In Progress' and 'Passed')
commandName Must be set to value 'UpdateScriptStatuses'
projectId Id of the the project the action applies to (used by some actions to determine the custom fields & permissions required to complete the action)
selections Array of ID/Type objects i.e. [{"Id":"0a02cb6d-4afa-463c-a6df-9fe400b7d8fc","Type":"TestScript"}, {"Id":"0a675d09-78cd-463e-a600-9fc80153481b","Type":"AgileRun"}] which the bulk action will operate on
targetPackageId Id of the target package (if any, normally same as the targetId)


  • UpdateScriptStatusBulkActionScenario

Scenario "UpdateScriptStatusBulkActionScenario"

Supported Types: ScriptAssignment

This scenario has scenario-specific parameters:

Parameter Description
scenarioName Must be set to value 'UpdateScriptStatusBulkActionScenario'