Swagger is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.

As of version 4.8 Enterprise Tester now supports describing its API in a swagger compatible manner.

Retrieving the Swagger JSON

Swagger describes the various resources, methods and parameters of a REST API in JSON format. The swagger specification is documented here.

In Enterprise Tester the Swagger API List resource allows retrieval of the "swagger JSON" for the Enterprise Tester API.

Interacting with the API via Swagger UI

Swagger includes its own viewer called Swagger UI - which uses the Swagger JSON output to generate interactive documentation for Swagger-documented API, allowing you to easily try various API methods without requiring a client or programming skills.

Enterprise Tester includes a copy of Swagger UI with itself, you can access the client via the link:


Generating clients

There are a number of client generators for swagger - check out the Swagger website for more details.

Popular client generators such as Swagger codegen and JavaScript client Swagger-client which provide support for generating clients from Enterprise Tester's swagger JSON in languages such as Javascript, Ruby, Scala, Java, PHP and Python.

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