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Field: RelationshipId


In the case of some relationship types, the relationship itself is assigned an identifier.

The RelationshipId allows for filtering based on the ID of the relationship.

This field is intended for use internally and for future API/SDK use.

Note: At current there is no easy way for end-users to get the identifier for a relationship from within the User Interface without using the developer tools available in the browser or a 3rd party browser debugging plugin - so this field is largely unusable by end-users of TQL.


All requirements which are related to any entity where the relationship has an ID of '287cd07d-b742-486f-9c31-9f8e00ff4d91':

EntityType = Requirement
  AND Relationships IN { 
      RelationshipId = 287cd07d-b742-486f-9c31-9f8e00ff4d91

Supported Operators

=, IN, !=, NOT IN, IS, IS NOT

Supported Indexes


Supported Types

  • AgileRun
  • AutomatedTest
  • AutomatedTestAssignment
  • Incident
  • Requirement
  • RequirementPackage
  • TestExecutionPackage
  • TestScript
  • TestScriptAssignment
  • TestScriptPackage

Supported Features

AggregationYes (Guid)

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