Refresh Lookups allows Enterprise Tester to pull in static information from external systems such as JIRA or TFS.

Static information can consist of items like Custom Field values or Workflow configurations.


Automatic Refresh Lookups

Automatic Refresh Lookups will occur on an upgrade or restart of Enterprise Tester, or when a Project Link is created when mapping between projects.

Refer Setting Automatic Refresh Lookups to turn the Automatic Refresh off or on.


Manual Refresh Lookups

A Manual Refresh Lookups pulls up to date static information into Enterprise Tester and is required after adding or editing custom fields in external systems, or if a workflow has changed in JIRA.


Refresh Lookups can be performed at two levels:

Project - where a Project Link is created and specific project details must be refreshed.


Global - Via the Admin Tab, External Systems option.  The button at the top of the grid will Refresh Lookups for all external systems.

Note: If you make any changes in Advanced Settings you will need to perform a Global Refresh Lookups.

When Refresh Lookups is pressed via the Project Link screen:

If the Refresh Status is "In Progress", please wait until this process is complete before proceeding to complete your field configuration:

If the Refresh Status is “Idle”, click on the “Refresh Now” button. 

A completion notification message will appear if the Refresh Lookups dialog box remained open.

The refresh is now complete and all custom fields and custom field values and workflow transitions are now up-to date.  You can now proceed to completing your field mappings.



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