Resource: Project Assignees ( /api/project/{projectId}/assignees )

Allows the searching of available assignees for a project (results are sorted alphabetically).

This resource supports the following methods: GET



Searches for assignees by partial name match

Required Permissions

  • TestManagement/ManageExecutions/View
  • TestManagement/ManageIncidents/View
  • TestManagement/ManageRequirements/View
  • TestManagement/ManageScripts/View

Supported Expansions

For more details on expansions, please see the Expand help topic.

Status Codes

These are the expected status codes returned by the service. In addition, some other status codes may be returned if either an internal error occurs or there is an authentication issue (such as an expired OAuth token).

200 - OKReturned if the search request was able to be satisfied.
404 - NotFoundReturned if project does not exist.

Example - Search for users

An example of searching for users.

Request Headers


Request Parameters

{projectId}E032C596-F299-47CB-B08F-CB2EFFF60E27ID of the project to find assignable users for
queryjoThe partial username, firstname or lastname to search for
$skip20Number of items to skip (start result number)
$top10Number of search results to return
$inlinecountallpagesInclude or supress inline counts
$expandDisplayNameAllows expansion of additional user properties

Response Headers

Content-Typeapplication/json; charset=utf-8

Response Body

  "Skip": 20,
  "Top": 10,
  "Total": 1,
  "Items": [
      "Id": "3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5",
      "UserName": "joeb",
      "Email": "",
      "FirstName": "Joe",
      "LastName": "Bloggs",
      "Phone": "(09)-555-999",
      "LastLogIn": null,
      "Enabled": true,
      "IsExternal": false,
      "DisplayName": "Joe Bloggs (joeb)",
      "Self": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5",
      "Links": [
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/password",
          "Rel": "ChangePassword"
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/permissions/global",
          "Rel": "GlobalPermissions"
          "Title": "Group Memberships",
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/groups",
          "Rel": "Groups"
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/notifications",
          "Rel": "Notifications"
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/permissions/projects",
          "Rel": "ProjectPermissions"
          "Href": "http://localhost/api/user/3464e9da-f1b7-49aa-87db-7e1eebfd17a5/mailmessages",
          "Rel": "MailMessages"
  "Self": "http://localhost/api/project/E032C596-F299-47CB-B08F-CB2EFFF60E27/assignees?query=jo&$skip=20&$top=10&$inlinecount=allpages",
  "Links": [
      "Href": "http://localhost/api/project/E032C596-F299-47CB-B08F-CB2EFFF60E27/assignees?query=jo&$skip=10&$top=10&$inlinecount=allpages",
      "Rel": "prev"
      "Href": "http://localhost/api/project/E032C596-F299-47CB-B08F-CB2EFFF60E27/assignees?query=jo&$skip=0&$top=10&$inlinecount=allpages",
      "Rel": "first"

Status Code

200 - OK

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