Field: Name


Name is a reference field for entities (Requirements, Scripts, Automated Test Scripts, Script Assignments, Automated Test Assignments, and Incidents).

Lucene Syntax

Within the contains/does not contains value for the "Name" field, you can use Lucene query parser syntax - including * and ? wildcards.

See the Lucene Query Parser documentation for more information.


To find all requirements with a name that contains the word "Usability":

EntityType = Requirement AND Name ~ "Usability"

To find all scripts with a name that contains the word "import" or the word "export":

EntityType = Script AND Name ~ "import export"

Supported Operators

~, !~, IS, IS NOT

Supported Indexes

Entity, Package, Run

Supported Types

  • AgileRun
  • AutomatedTest
  • AutomatedTestAssignment
  • AutomatedTestRun
  • Incident
  • Requirement
  • RequirementPackage
  • ScriptRun
  • TestExecutionPackage
  • TestScript
  • TestScriptAssignment
  • TestScriptPackage

Supported Features

AggregationYes (String)

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