This command does not only process the selected entities, this is normally indicative of a bulk action which supports being passed a TQL query which forms the basis of entities it should apply to.

Parameter Description
columns The columns to export (if export all is set to false, this is an array of columns states i.e. [{ "Name": "col1", "IsVisible": true }, { "Name": "col2", "IsVisible": true }] )
commandName Must be set to value 'Export'
exportAll Export all records (true/false)
projectId Id of the the project the action applies to (used by some actions to determine the custom fields & permissions required to complete the action)
targetPackageId Id of the target package (if any, normally same as the targetId)


  • CSV

Scenario "CSV"

Supported Types: Requirement, Script, Incident, AutomatedTest, ScriptAssignment, AutomatedTestAssignment, RequirementPackage, ScriptPackage, ExecutionPackage, AgileRun

This scenario has scenario-specific parameters:

Parameter Description
delimiter The CSV delimiter to use (valid values are 'comma', 'colon', 'pipe', 'semicolon' or 'tab')
encoding The exporting enncoding type
includeAssociatedLinks Boolean value, if true then association columns (Associated requirements, Associated Scripts, Associated Incidents, External Identifiers) will include hyperlinks to the associated entities
includeAttachmentsLinks If true, then include attachment URL links in the generated output (otherwise just include attachment names)
includeHeader Include headers in export file
includeSteps Include steps for scripts
includeStepsResults Include step results for script assignments
onlyVisibleColumns Only export the visible columns
query The TQL query used to filter the items being exported to CSV
scenarioName Must be set to value 'CSV'