Integrate Automated Test Tools with Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester's automated test integration is called Duette.  Duette enables the import and viewing of test tools from a variety of Automated test Tools and formats.

Duette supports the import of results in the following formats:

  • IBM Rational Functional Tester - 8.1 and 8.2 HTML Output
  • HP Quick Test Professional - 10 and 11 Output
  • Selenium HTML Suite
  • Unit Test Results
  • Custom results using XSLT data ( transforms Custom XML to J-Unit)
  • Gallio
  • JSUnit
  • JUnit
  • Microsoft MS Test
  • NUnit
  • Parasoft C+++test
  • PHPUnit


On import, results are presented in Enterprise Tester and can be filtered or queried as required:



  • Import automated test results from folders and .zip files.
  • View the results of automated tests, including screen shots and test data.
  • Track overall progress across both automated and manual tests.
  • Import results from Rational Functional Tester, QuickTest Professional and Selenium.
  • Scheduled import of automated test results.
  • Status filters and notes for automated results.
  • Duette can also be configured to push results from your automation framework into Enterprise Tester, see Duette Client:

Note: Duette requires current licenses for both Duette and Enterprise Tester to create new automated tests, automated test assignments or import new runs. 

User Guide

See the user guide for more information on Duette.

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