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  • When you create a new Project, a Dashboard with seven pre-defined project specific gadgets will also be created.

     It is currently not possible to change the pre-defined list of gadgets used.

  • This feature is optional and is enabled in the web.config.
  • When this option is enabled; after you create a new Project, a Dashboard is created along with three TQL's and seven pre-defined gadgets.  

     If a System Admin is creating the Project, they will need to share the TQL's and Dashboard created with the Project Lead / Manger. See Project creator is System Admin


1) Enable the feature in the web.config

2) Create a new project. The Dashboard and TQL's are created.

3) If the user creating the project is a System Admin and not the Project Lead, then the TQL's and Dashboard will need to be shared with the project lead. See Project creator is System Admin.









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