Gadget subscriptions in JIRA and Confluence are recommended when adding Enterprise Tester gadgets to JIRA and Confluence, however there are alternative methods available:


This feature is not compatible with On Demand instances of JIRA and Confluence.


  1. Create your dashboard and gadgets in Enterprise Tester as required.

  2. In the gadget you wish to share, click the drawing pin icon in the portlet title bar.

  3. The gadget URL dialog appears. 

  4. Select the relevant authorization method as per below:


    For JIRA 6.3+ you must use Shared Authorization.

Shared Authorization

The option pre-authorizes the gadget and will display for all users on the JIRA Dashboard or Confluence page.

Individual Authorization

  • Select the Individual Authorization tab.

  • click on Copy to clipboard to copy the URL.

  • If you choose the Individual Authorization, when you add the gadget to JIRA or Confluence all other users will need to authorize the gadget to view it.

  • To add the gadget to JIRA, follow the help topic Alternative method to add Gadgets to JIRA.

  • To add the gadget to Confluence, follow the help topic Alternative method to add Gadgets to Confluence.

  • Access can also be revoked from this screen or from the User menu, select Manage OAuth Tokens.



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