Field: AllPackages


When querying on All Packages, results will include all matching entities (requirements, scripts, script assignments or incidents) directly in the package/folder and in any of its sub packages/folders.


Return all entities within any package named requirements, or any of its children:

AllPackages = "Requirements"

Return all entities with the package 'Script Library|Cycle 1|Reporting' (this shows passing the package with its full path) or any of its child packages:

AllPackages = "Script Library|Cycle 1|Reporting"

Return all entities within either of the two packages (or their children), but only in the project 'Project X':

AllPackages IN ["Requirements", "Script Library"] AND Project = 'Project X'

Return all entities within the package with Unique ID "cf1264f7-4e53-4e6d-b0a2-9f6c00a3a244", or any of its children.

AllPackages IN "cf1264f7-4e53-4e6d-b0a2-9f6c00a3a244"

Note: To get the unique ID of a package, you can drag the package onto the TQL editing window, at which point you will prompted with a number of suggestions including "AllPackages", which you can then choose to add to your query.

Supported Operators

=, IN, !=, NOT IN, IS, IS NOT

Supported Indexes

Entity, Relationship, Run

Supported Types

  • AgileRun
  • AutomatedTest
  • AutomatedTestAssignment
  • AutomatedTestRun
  • Incident
  • Requirement
  • RequirementPackage
  • ScriptRun
  • TestExecutionPackage
  • TestScript
  • TestScriptAssignment
  • TestScriptPackage

Supported Features


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