The Enterprise Tester Database must be installed on a separate server to the Enterprise Tester Application.

See the Database Configuration section for database specific notes on setting the character set before you begin configuration.

Oracle is no longer a supported database for Enterprise Tester.

Supported Operating Systems

Enterprise Tester is supported on the following operating systems: 

Trial Use Only

Production Use

Supported Databases

Enterprise Tester supports a number of different database servers, these are:



Deployment Specifications

The following is a guideline only and deployment will depend on usage and other environmental factors.


Server Deployments


4.0-8.0GB depending on usage


2.4 Ghz x2

Disk (Operating System)


Disk (Database)



Software Prerequisites

The prerequisites for installing Enterprise Tester are:

Supported Browsers

The following browsers are compatible with Enterprise Tester:

A minimum screen resolution of 1280x720 is required for best use of Enterprise Tester.


You may need to configure other components before Enterprise Tester will install or operate correctly, depending on specific environmental factors.

Let us know if you need assistance in setting up and configuring Enterprise Tester. Helping get the installation right, first time is crucial to ensuring the success of your Quality practice. Email the Customer team at