This section outlines the process to upgrade Enterprise Tester.

These instructions are only applicable when upgrading to V4.6 and above. For information on upgrading to an earlier version, please refer to please refer to this upgrade guide.

An Enterprise Tester license allows for a development license.  We recommend you upgrade your Development or Test environments prior to upgrading your Production installation of Enterprise Tester, particularly if your Production version of Enterprise Tester requires high availability.

From V4.6, a new install file for Enterprise Tester is available when upgrading.  Download the Enterprise Tester installation files labelled "" from the Enterprise Tester Website.  This set of installation files does not provide a database installation.  Run the .exe file when upgrading this will elevate permission to "Run as Administrator" when required to ensure all upgrade files can be installed.

Enterprise Tester by default is installed in your x86 Program files directory, alongside any other programs you have installed.  For 32bit editions of Windows operating systems, this is typically C:\Program Files\ and for 64bit editions of Windows operating systems it is C:\Program Files (x86)\.   The folder can be configured to reside on a different drive depending on your system configuration; therefore throughout this document we refer to this folder using the word %ProgramFiles% to avoid confusion.

To Upgrade Enterprise Tester, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop IIS

  2. Back Up the following:

  3. Verify IIS Settings

    If you have changed these settings you may need to reapply defaults to upgrade via the installer and then reapply the settings after the upgrading:

    IP Address: All unassigned
    Port 80
    No host header configured
    Virtual directory named "EnterpriseTester" 

  4. From V4.6, run the .exe file of the installation files.  These files will not install a database.  The .exe file will elevate permission to allow the installation of all files. When upgrading to V4.5 or earlier, please refer to this upgrade guide.

  5. If you made any changes to IIS settings, reset these back to the original settings.

  6. Restart IIS
  7. Start Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester may take some time to start up because it will be applying database schema migrations to update the database structure.  But this process should take no longer then a couple of minutes.

If you are upgrading a trial environment which uses the SQL Express database, you may get a “Named Pipes Error – Cannot Connect To SQL Database” on startup.  To rectify this you can restart the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) service as pictured below.

Upgrade Issues

Should a problem occur, please e-mail with the following information: