Adding & Removing Relationships

You can view and manage Test Script Relationships from the Relationships tab. 

Associated Requirements, Scripts, Script Runs, Automated Source Tests, Automated Test Runs and Incident relationships are displayed. The example below displays the relationships between one linked requirement, test script, test run and incident.

Adding Relationships

You can add relationships via this tab if you require. To add a relationship select the Test Script you wish to associate with another item and click the add button. The add relationship pop up dialogue is displayed.


Select a Relationship Type

Valid associations to choose from are:

  • Coverage - Test Script to Requirement Relationship

Select a Destination

You will be able to select a Requirement to link to.

Select a Direction

There is only one direction available - Source to Destination

Click OK and the relationship will be created and saved.

Removing Relationships

You can remove a relationship by selecting a Requirement that is related to the Test Script you are viewing and clicking the Remove button.

You will not be prompted for a confirmation to remove this relationship.


Editing Relationships

You cannot edit Test Script relationships.