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Enterprise Tester supports integration with subversion when creating baselines.

Download and Install Subversion Client

On the Enterprise Tester server, download and install subversion - we generally suggest using the SilkSVN or CollabNet packages.

The installation should automatically add subversion to your path, you can normally confirm this by launching a command prompt and typing "svn", you should see something like this if subversion is installed:

C:\> svn
Type 'svn help' for usage.

Checkout the Subversion Repository

Next you need to checkout the subversion repository to a folder on the local machine, this can be done using a command like so:

svn checkout baselines

This will checkout the repository with the URL "" to the folder "baselines" within the current directory.

Configure Version Control Settings

Here is an example the configuration necessary for Subversion to work on a standard windows server:

Test Setup

At this stage you are now ready to test the functionality, we suggesting creating a baseline for a small package - if you receive no errors when creating a baseline, review the commit history for your subversion repository and confirm the file was added correctly.

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