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<add key="SAML.Enabled" value="true" />

2) Set SAML Provider to Microsoft

<add key="SAML.Provider" value="Microsoft" />

3) IDP Issuer

<add key="SAML.Issuer"value="<IDP Issuer>"/>


<add key="SAML.IDP"value="<IDP SSO URL>"/>

45) X.509 Certificate

<add key="SAML.Certificate"value="<X.509 Certificate>"/>

56) Specify logout url

Do not add an Enterprise Tester URL here or users will be automatically logged back into Enterprise Tester.

The Okta applications page is a suggested url that could be added.

<add key="SAML.Logout"value="https://your_selected_logout_page"/>

SHA-256 XML Signature Support

SAML 2.0 uses the SHA-256 encryption protocol if this is not enabled on your server you will need to enable it.