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  1. Within IIS Manager, expand the "Sites" node.
  2. Expand the "Default Web Site" node.
  3. Right click and select "Add Application".
  4. Enter an alias for the site, we suggest "EnterpriseTester"
  5. Click the "Select..." button next to the application pool, and select the application pool you created in the previous step.
  6. Click the elipsis "..." next to the Physical Path, and browser browse to the "Web" folder of your Enterprise Tester install.
  7. Click "OK" to create the new application.


Code Block
<add key="site.root.url" value="url_users_will_access_et_from" />


Remove Oracle DLL If Required

If you are not using an Oracle Database then you may remove the "Oracle.DataAccess.dll" from the \web\bin\ folder.

Make sure Enterprise Tester can write to necessary folders