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You can update or edit your Organization details by expanding the Organisation Organisations folder and right clicking on your Organization's name . Select and then selecting Edit Organisation from the menu.

From the organization set up Edit Organisation screen, in addition to providing the organization details, you can set up the external version control and configure your pick lists.


Subversion, Perforce and GIT are supported version control applications. Once version control is configured, projects that are created can choose to inherit version control from the organisation.

You will also notice that on the Organisation edit screen Edit Organisation  creen that you can configure picklist values and connections to Enterprise Architect (EA) databases or EAP files.  .
Picklist values that are configured at the organisational Organisational level will propagate through to to the all projects.
This is useful when you have a default set of values for your inbuilt and custom fields that apply to all or most of your projects.
Configuring your picklists
and EA configurations at  at the Organisation level will help reduce the effort required when setting up your projects.

Deleting an Organization

If you click on the delete Delete button you will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the organization.


To edit an organization, you can either select ‘Edit Organization’ Edit Organisationfrom the right click menu or you can double click on your organization organisation to display the ‘Edit Organization’ Edit Organisationscreen.


You can add or update the following details for an organization:


Once you have finished updating the details, click on ‘save’the Save button.