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After creating External Systems Integration, project specific mappings must be added.  

Note: Before performing project mappings, an optional JIRA add-on may be installed in JIRA.  This supports improved workflow integration between Enterprise Tester and JIRA. 


Mapping ET and Jira Projects


 To To get information to flow between Enterprise Tester & Jira, we need to map the fields between them.


First look at how to setup Jira and Enterprise Tester sync

To do this for RequirementsTo be able to have Requirements synchronize between Enterprise Tester & Jira, see Synchronizing Requirements with JIRA 


To be able to raise a defect and have it synchronize between the systems, see Synchronizing Incidents with JIRA see Creating Jira sync for incidents




To support


workflow integration between Enterprise Tester


This is an optional add-on that allows Enterprise Tester to understand and adhere to JIRA workflows.  

  • Transitions between statuses will be enforced in Enterprise Tester in-line with the associated JIRA workflow.
  • If the add-on is not installed, transitions will still occur but are not validated against the JIRA workflow within Enterprise Tester (this is the status quo for existing installations of Enterprise Tester).

To find and install the add-on:


& Jira, you can install our free add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace; Catch to Jira Workflows.

The add-on ensures that both systems use the same workflow, and you don't need to make custom statuses, as they're automatically pulled from Jira. This also means that transitions will follow the Jira workflow

If you apply the add-on to a Jira that is already integrated with Enterprise Tester, make sure you Refresh Lookups for your projects to get them aligned. This will ensure the relevant workflow information is pulled in to Enterprise Tester.