Here are some troubleshooting tips for some comment questions about requirement synchronization with JIRA.

  • When Synchronizing from JIRA to ET no requirements are created. 
    If nothing is synchronized from JIRA to Enterprise Tester, but no errors are displayed, check to make sure that on the "External System Configuration" tab you have selected all the issue types you wish to synchronize.
  • Changes to status in ET are not being reflected in JIRA. (JIRA 4-5.1)
    This is a known issue when working with the JIRA 4-5.1 plugin. This is related to a limitation with the JIRA SOAP API and relates to transition field requirements that have not been met or status transitions that are not allowed by the JIRA workflow ( this last point applies to all versions of JIRA). 
  • The type of a synchronized requirement is changed in ET, but it did not change in JIRA
    Changing an issue from one type to another with mapping statuses etc. is not currently supported from ET to JIRA.  This change will cause an error to occur and the synchronization of the entity in question will fail.  You can either stop mapping Type or change the type back to its old value (this could also be achieved by just performing a full sync in the direction of External System -> ET).
  • Why can't I add comments via the Requirements screen?
    Currently, we do not support comments on requirements and scripts, but we do support displaying comments from external systems (such as JIRA) on the requirements screen, once the requirement has been synchronized with JIRA.
  • Why am I getting duplicate requirements created?
    If more than one requirement link is set up per project, duplicate requirements may be created.  If the requirement matches the synchronization filter criteria of more than one requirement project link your requirement will be imported by each of these links.  The only way to avoid this is to define your filter criteria to exclude these entities.