Enterprise Tester 6.7.2028

  • New - A new menu item has been added to highlight our next generation micro-service based platform of tools built to simplify complex functions and increase planning, testing, and capability maturity.
  • New - Dashboards can now be exported to PDF
  • Enhancement - Burndown Charts can now automatically calculate Velocity and End Date.
  • Enhancement - Custom picklist field default value can now be toggled on or off.  This is toggled per field and defaults to off.  When toggled on, the top picklist entry, as defined by the priority values for each entry, is used as the default value.
  • Enhancement - "Tests completed over time" gadget now includes Automated Tests on the graphs.
  • Enhancement - "Requirement Status by" report will display the Status of "In Progress" in the coverage section if there are tests that have not been run.
  • Fix - Incident Resolution no longer defaults to the first picklist value.
  • Deprecation - Legacy Rally and TFS integrations are no longer supported and options to create new integrations with these systems have been removed
  • Deprecation - An old, legacy, individual gadget sharing option has been removed.  This provided legacy support for older (2017 and earlier) versions of Jira and Confluence. Users can continue to share gadgets via the existing gadget sharing options.