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When debugging output from the API, it can often be useful to have the JSON output rendered in an indented human-readable fashion.

To do this you use the indent-json option - passed as either a query string value e.g.

  • /api/permissions?indent-json=true
  • or just: /api/permissions?indent-json

Alternatively, you can also pass it as a request header (this is the method we recommend) using the same name and/or value as for the query string.

In responses where the indent-json option is set, a response header will be set with the name indent-json and a value of true.


Non-indented output


Indented output (using indent-json option)

  "Items": [
      "Id": "7c67b3bf-2c6d-4dfb-a840-a14300faac14",
      "DisplayName": "Resources",
      "Key": "/Resources",
      "Name": "Resources",
      "Children": [
          "Id": "fd4f34f4-8540-47c9-a994-a14300faac18",
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